Barbara Yuruvich Arias

"As above so below, as within so without, as the Universe so the Soul..."

― Hermes Trismegistus

This page is dedicated to my work and that of all the souls that join me in it.

I would love to give thanks to all of those that have come before me, and to all of those others that have made this possible with their gifts, guidance, support, love, and teachings.

I'm a trained counseling Evolutionary and Archetypal Astrologer.

Having been exposed to a purely western approach to medicine and psychology, I couldn’t help but feel that there were so many dimensions to the human experience that weren’t being acknowledged by them. The search for a more holistic way of understanding our true nature and addressing the issues we face took me  into the journey of more "alternative" modalities. 

I studied at Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology due to its emphasis on the evolution of the soul and  the psycho-spiritual processes we go through as humans. 

I continued with Archetypal Astrology which has a basis in Jungian psychology. This led me to meet Dr. Stan Grof work with psychedelic research in the field of mental illness, as well as for purely self-exploratory purposes.

I'm currently enrolled in the Grof Transpersonal training where I'm studying to become a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator. 

My intention is to combine these different practices to bring about deeper self-knowledge and transformation



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