Frequently Asked Questions


What can I gain from a reading?

I believe that our energy field (soul), and natal chart imprint contains valuable information that can be an advantage in our everyday lives. I will help retrieve and interpret this information to assist the client with any question or situation they may be facing. Clients get practical guidance that they can implement in their life. 

What can of questions can I ask during the reading? 

Truthfully…Anything. I will provide integrated guidance for any question or situation that the client may be contending with at the moment. Most common questions revolve around career, relationships, health, and guidance around grief/loss.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on many factors such as the individual, the type of situation we are treating, the time that the person has been experiencing a certain pattern or dynamic, how deep you would like to go wtih the process, and on whether you felt this was something of benefit for you or not. Some situations are simpler and others require more time to get released and healed. It's totally up to you!!! I can recommend according to what I notice but I would never interfere with your free will!!



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