As we approach the full moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto emotions and power struggles may gear up once more and be up for review.
I recently heard someone said that when thinking of Pluto two main things come to mind, two kind of forces associated with it, one is resistance, the other is penetrating cooperation. It resonates very well for Pluto and for this lunation.
I was going for a run up the mountains yesterday and as I ascended the rolling hills I started to tune into an old wound left in my heart by an event that took place at almost the exact moment Pluto entered in Capricorn in 2008 when the world saw the huge economic collapse that would shatter our systems (Capricorn) in attempt to forever transform them (Pluto). I lost something I held very dear to my heart around that time, something that also shattered the structure of my own reality (Pluto in Capricorn) at the moment. 
So yesterday while I was alone in nature, I suddenly reconnected to the vast sadness that still remains in my heart around this event, something I thought was dealt with. I sat on a rock and wept, I felt supported by it and by the surrounding goddess in the form of nature. I continued to sit with the experience until there was an opening, a sort of surrendering to the moment that brought up a lot of calmness and clarity. This made me think of surrender, how much we humans tend to confuse surrendering with giving up. As if in a way surrendering meant to allow external situations to take control over our lives and some form of martyrdom when in reality it's all about simply cooperating with that which we, from the perspective of the higher self, have already chosen for ourselves. So I invite you all to contemplate all those areas where you may be in resistance and maybe, just maybe play with the idea of surrendering to yourself instead of allowing ego to continuously get in the way. 
This full moon may illuminate and bring forth a lot of those areas where we are invited via Pluto to either resist or cooperate with our own evolutionary journey. Many blessings and courage to all!!



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