A new moon is a conjunction or union between Sun and Moon and this union at the fiery sign of Leo happens to be a marriage of three as another fiery character, Mars, joins them in. New moons are seeding times for setting intentions, and the seeds we plant during this lunation may come to a fruition by the full moon in Leo in January of next year.

This Sunday’s will be a potent new moon as it also opens up the grand solar eclipse also happening in Leo at the end of August. The nodes of the moon which represent the evolutionary axis, that which we come from (South Node) and that which we are moving towards (North Node), have recently moved into the Leo/Aquarius axis adding to the Leonean emphasis of our times. It is due to a new moon or a full moon happening very close to the nodal points (astronomic points in the sky) that we get the amazing effects of eclipses. The nodes bring the messages of the particular undertone of what the collective and individual psyche will be mostly working through during the time they spend on a particular sign axis.

So, as these three beauties dance in the sky creating all kinds of fireworks that will resonate deep within all of our beings, we are being called to roar in our full authenticity and set intentions for the creation of those visions that represent our most unique expression of how to live, so we can then offer them up to the world. It is only when we tune into the healthy Leo archetype that we can stand in full confidence of our truth without becoming arrogant, that we can be proud of our expressions without becoming haughty, that we can create from our ego hearts instead of our ego minds and shine our light onto the entire world without the need for external adulation. Only when we create from our authentic selves we create something that will be a gift for the collective, thus integrating the Aquarian polarity lesson of “the good for all”.

As the womb of the silver lady gets ready to be filled with new seeds to geminate, let’s set the intentions to become ever fuller of who we truly are, in spite of all the fears of rejection and judgement that we may still harbor in our hearts, and shine our rays of authenticity to the whole world like the Sun does shine down to us.

This is a lesson for all of us for the entire time that the nodes will be in Leo/Aquarius until November of 2018 and this new moon is particularly strong when it comes to really cementing that vibration. We all have Leo in our charts, regardless of whether we are born under Leo or not, so whatever area of the natal imprint Leo rules in any particular chart is where these lessons will be mostly felt or applicable.

As Mars unites with the Sun, it will bow its courage, impulsivity, and path blazer qualities to the father Sun to it can be transformed into sustained vision.

Uranus will be squaring the new moon from another fire sign, Aries, adding more fuel to the whole act. This could go both ways depending on how we react to unpredictable change. Can we respond with spontaneity and presence or do we constrict and create conflict?

There’s another aspect to mention happening very closely to this and that is the Venus/Saturn opposition

Whenever we have an opposition we need to find balance between the two energies at play, so here instead of fearing Saturn as a limiting force to our pleasure, let’s use it to give structure and truly ground our Venusian connections, relationships, and financial matters while letting go of all the illusory ideas of what we would love things to be. This moment calls for cultivating a vision that truly embodies our authentic selves, our unique vision, our heart-centered dreams while at the same time being grounded in reality. Like a sculptor that slowly brings into life a beautiful creation that started as an inspiration.

Blessings and Happy Journey to all!!!!

Art by Chani Nicolas

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