Total Solar Eclipse, August 21st - 28 Degrees Leo

Aligning with the sovereign heart….

 Many have called this “The great American Eclipse” as its path crosses the United States from west to east dividing the nation in two.  However, regardless of whether we look at it through the lens of the American sociopolitical situation or not, this eclipse has definitely captured most of the world’s attention for some reason. It is as if the collective is tuning into the subtle but fierce energy that it is bringing up.

So why all the hustle? We do have eclipses at least twice a year every year after all….

Is it maybe that Leo is just being Leo, attracting attention to itself? Or could it be that this is happening at the very center of the heart itself, and its pulsating life [force] draws the collective towards its magnetic center? Is it maybe the fact that is landing right on Regulus, the fixed star at the heart of the Lion--the one whom the ancients referred to as the star of the King? 

Or, could it be the fact that it is crossing the entire US from West to East in a symbolic line of deep division, which we are experiencing right now on many levels?

There are so many reasons why this August eclipse is particularly important to us, too many to explore all of them here…so many things we could speculate or predict. I’m not into conspiracy and doomsday predictions, I'd rather dwell in the magic and mystery that stage these celestial dances in the sky.

 Eclipses have fascinated people since the beginning of time and have also been associated with dragons. In eastern cultures they call the time in between two eclipses, which is the time we are in during this writing, the 'dragon hole’, the liminal space.


And why dragons? What’s with that fascination that most cultures across time and space seem to have with these incredible creatures? 

Not all dragons are created equal and in the case of eclipses they are tied to the Vedic origins of creation myth.

It is said that the Devas (angels) and the Asuras (demons), who had been quarreling for some time, decided to churn the ocean of milk in order to get the Amrita or inmortal elixir in an attempt to end their feuds. They used a serpent dragon to churn it and it was this churning that led to the differenciation between things. From the ocean of cosmic unconsciousness, separated consciousness came to be.  

Once the elixir of Amrita was distilled it is said that the Devas managed, with the help of Vishnu, to deceive the Asuras in order to prevent them from taking the elixir and tormenting the world forever with their immortality. But, the serpent dragon positioned itself in a way in which it could capture a few droplets of it by hiding in disguise between two Devas, Brother Sun (Surya) and Sister Moon (Chandra). 

Once Vishnu saw this, he proceeded to cut the dragon into two, but since it had already drunk some of the Amrita it didn’t die. The dragon, now split into two, thus turned into Rahu: the head without a tail which corresponds to the north node of the moon, and Ketu: the tail wihtout a head corresponding to the south node of thte moon.

Eclipses always happen when the sun and the moon align on the lunar nodes. Thus, we say that they visit Rahu and Ketu and it may appear that a dragon is either eating the sun or the moon is robbing us of their light, suddenly illuminating our dragons so we can face them!

 So, what do these dragons represent? Why are they so important in so many cultures and why do we need to pay attention to them now? 

They usually have to do with those areas of our psyche that seem hidden and tend to lash out at others and ourselves creating all kinds of distortions. They are those hidden desires that lead us onto different paths throughout life. Eclipses can bring out the dragons from the depths of our subconscious--be it collective or individual--and this is the reason why in many eastern cultures these are moments for reflection and introspection, not a time to be external or make decisions.

 We can all agree that we have been lacking the high qualities of leadership in the world for quite some time and that we are more divided than ever in the US in particular. The heart of the Lion is pointing to where we have to go to reclaim a healthy expression of soveriengity and leadership. This solar eclipse is happening at the north node or Rahu’s head and it’s pointing to that which we have to reclaim in a healthy way in order to move forward—in the heart of the Lion’s leadership and sovereignty. 

We’ve all seen the consequences and impact of unhealthy leadership in our world. This temporary "turning off of the lights” may be used as an impasse, a moment of reflection and exploration of the depth within our hearts in order to find the true meaning of those two words. It is only when we have all become sovereign within ourselves that we will be able to project an external reality that reflects the same kind of leaders in the world. 

 What does it truly mean to be ‘sovereign'?  Being sovereign means to be in complete alignment with our inner truth, regardless of how that is perceived by others, while taking full responsibility for our actions.

 The theme of maturity was even being presented by the first eclipse belonging to this eclipse family Saros number 145, which took place on January 4th of 1639 in the sign of Capricorn. Eclipses happen in families of sequences called Saros. From my understanding, the first eclipse in a Saros family will take place either at the North or South Pole. From then on they will repeat themselves every 18 years, 11 days and some minutes, approximately (Metonic Cycle), moving across the globe towards the opposing pole. The closer they happen to the equator the more total they become. This can take up to 1200 to 1500 years to be complete. The areas where the eclipse crosses are usually the most intensely impacted. For those of you that may need more speculative material, every time this family of eclipses has visited the world in modern times, something has happened to the leader of the country. Those years are 1945, 1963, 1999, and 2017… Some of you may remember what happened and may already be making the connections. 

 Going back to the beginning, it was during 1639 that the first constitution of the American colonies, “The Fundamental Orders” is adopted in Connecticut. It was one of the first binding contracts that put the welfare of the people above everything else… And here we are today… The same family of eclipses will be making direct contact with the country that it witnessed being born… Is this pointing to completion?  Have we perhaps swayed the oppostite side of the starting point?…. 

 Capricorn, also associated with karma reminds us that when we create from distortion we will get strife as a result; that there is a direct linkage between the chaos or harmony of our internal reality and the external world we see ourselves in…. There is a maturity that is being called for here where we make this connection, so we can start withdrawing our projections and our finger-pointing blame. 

So as we dive into this "dragon hole” in our journeys towards meeting up with Rahu eating the Sun…

May the space be filled with the capacity to connect to our most feared dragons so that they can show us the way back to the luminosity of our hearts, the treasures of wisdom hidden therein. 

May we learn how to ride bareback on our dragons of ego instead of being a servant to them!

May we have compassion for the grief and anger that arises in us, there’s so much pain to be purged out of the world.

May we plant the seeds of true power during this new moon/solar eclipse so that we can evolve into ways of showing up in the world that reflect the wholeness of our truest expressions!

May this space in between--or the dragon hole--be used to cultivate reflection so that we can be guided to our next steps of the journey! 

May we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hearts to accept that whatever happens out there, has been created in here first and can be used as an instrument to cleanse our distortions and redirect us towards our truth!

Blessings and Happy Journey!!

Art by Siams Gallery Magic Amulets

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