New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune opposite the Sun

14 degrees Pisces ...

After the inception of the eclipse we get the floods of emotional chaos of the Pisces Full Moon/Neptune conjunction...The country is literally flooding and burning at the same time while chaos and turmoil seem to be breaking havoc on the world around.

Emotions can be very mixed with all kinds of delusive beliefs at this moment so I would suggest to look at that Sun in Virgo directing us to focus on practical service. 

The Moon/Neptune Pisces combo can drives us to the depths of victimization and delusive beliefs or to that liminal space where dreams and ecstatic inspirations can occur... To those altered states that seem to liberate us from the separateness of the human experience for a moment bringing us back to oneness...

We are watching the blossoming of the eclipse new moon in what appears to be one crises after another. 

Crises are opportunities for evolution and they are also a reflection of our inner distortions. How we respond to them during these watery full moon is a big indicator on how far we have gone on our journey. 

Sun in Virgo will ask us to be in service by using our energy in a practical and discriminatory way without waste.

Moon/Neptune in Pisces can feel paralyzing and many of us may want to escape into whatever makes us forget for a second.

So the way to navigate these is to do what we can, to serve where we are able.... And to surrender to the rest, trusting that we are forever held and supported in this process while turning the crises into healing opportunities. 

Blessings and Happy Journey!

Art by Adri Koekemoer

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