New Moon in Virgo/Equinox  (versión en español por publicar pronto)

This month seems to be about integration and healing. We are still feeling the ripple effects of that solar eclipse in all the natural disasters we are experiencing in the northern hemisphere.

It can be hard to make sense of all the chaos around us as we watch in dismay. We forget that the Earth is a living organism and as such she gets impacted by all that we do to it, and we can admit that we have not done well by it for a very long time.

Virgo is the sign of healing and discrimination, of that which we need and that which we don’t, of that which serves us and that which doesn’t…. It can also show up in all kinds of denial or self-avoidance behaviors that seem to help us numb out of a reality that is too harsh to accept.

The new moon points to the polarity point in Pisces and how from the chaos, we can make sense of things by sorting them and by bringing them into practical applications for the service of us and others. This is exactly what’s being called upon during this new moon that happens very closely to the fall/spring equinox depending on which part of the world we are.

It’s a great time to do some purging out of the old so we can make room for the new, it’s a great time to sow the seeds of true service and of true purity of heart. In her search for purity Virgo is pointing to the divine (polarity in Pisces) but it can get caught up in all kinds of distorted ideas of what purity actually means leading to self-critical, self-defeating feelings. It can lead us to never feeling good enough about ourselves or life. It can lead us to just give up since it doesn’t seem we are ever going to get it right. The key here is to acknowledge that while being in 3-dimensional reality things will never be divinely perfect and yet there’s is perfection in that.

The new moon in wide opposition to Neptune in Pisces will emphasize the craziness the world seems to have gone into, making it very hard to focus on plans and goals as everything hangs by a thread. Yet grounding our vision and surrendering on how it will come to be is exactly what’s needed.

 As we approach the equinox some of us are heading to the celebration of light and abundance and some of us are retreating into our inner selves for the darkness of winter to settle the dust.

Pluto is about to go direct on September 27th, it’s almost as if we can feel the wheels greasing in anticipation of something big ahead of us that we cannot quite shape yet. During its retrograde motion, Pluto gave us a break, some time to reflect and integrate the lessons we have already learned. Once it goes direct again, it’ll be time to continue to work on whichever our next evolutionary lesson is. For those of us that have been in resistance instead of cooperation: recess is over, the bell is ringing again and we are brought back to test table.

 Mars and Venus are already coming into a conjunction that will be exact in October 5th. After a long dance, the lovers finally meet in the sign of the scales (Libra). The fireworks generated by the fusing of the male and female energies are palpable in the air. We can use this to look at all those areas of our lives where we are out of balance with our own masculine and feminine selves.

Where have we bought into societal concepts of what female/masculine should look like, behave like, feel like, and so on that don’t resonate with our own truth?

How can we realize that we have both within us, that both energies are necessary if there is to be harmony in the world? 

The beauty and intensity of how they seek each other out needs to be honored, not turned into a tug of power.

Mars and Venus are not the same, nor do they want to be the same either. They want to be respected in their differences without competition over who’s better. They know they both need each other to create. We need to internalize that as well.

Blessings and Happy Journey!!!

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