Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October. Jupiter completes an entire cycle around the zodiac wheel in twelve years spending roughly a year give or take in each sign.

Jupiter, the Zeus god, expands everything that touches. It’s fire energy moving outwards… As it dives into the deep waters of Scorpio there is a sudden drop of energy, a “pouf” sound of fire pouring into water.

Jupiter represents the principle responsible for our search for meaning in life. Associated with belief systems is usually misunderstood as merely religious creed. Our belief systems expand beyond this associations, it conditions everything we do, from the food we decide to eat to the jobs we decide to perform in the world.

In my observation, Jupiter can be a blessing and curse in a chart, it’s where we have plenty of fuel to push forward into expansion and it’s also where we can overdo it becoming too much of something.

When Jupiter goes into Scorpio it will demand a deep revisit of our belief systems. Going deep into anything to find the bottom line is a Scorpio trait, while Jupiter expands and magnifies. In Scorpio that which we have ascribed to will need to be objectively proven as Scorpio always asks the why of every situation until it gets to the core of it. Certain truths (Jupiter) that were hidden (Scorpio) may surface to be dealt with.

We had Jupiter in Libra for a year and the fire of Jupiter expanded the air of Libra giving us plenty of game play to go around. Now it’s time to recoil into the inner journey of the depths of the soul so nothing less than true transmutation can occur. The expansion goes inward.

Let’s see the basics of how it will show up in each of the 12 houses depending on where we have Scorpio in our chart. We must keep in mind that there’s a spectrum of how we can respond to this transit depending on our level of awareness and our cooperation versus resistance to the plutonic transformative principle being involved.

First House: This will be a year of deep personal development. The basis of our self-image is being revisited. The individual may feel limited, the ways in which it thought of itself are not working out anymore, there are things emerging deep from the subconscious that reveal something new about the individual. The first house has to do with our physical body and stamina. There may be sudden loss of energy or physical strength to push the individual to go inward.

Second House: Our finances, our resources, and that which we assign value to in order to survive will be impacted. We may experience that some limitations here are magnified in order for us to question the validity of our beliefs around these issues. Why we value what we value and how has that become a vehicle through which we create reality. The relationship to ourselves is meant to experience a transformation through this dialogue with this transit. Issues around sexuality can also show up since it is one of basic instincts tied with survival.

Third House:   Our ideas and opinions around this or that, in short, our mental space is asking for a deep transformation. We may feel the need to deepen into a field of study or deepen and expand our communication through writing. The hunger for intense and deep knowledge is what’s being sought-after here.

Fourth House: This is the house of our roots, families, or clans. Situations with our families may arise, certain truths may be exposed that will require a transformation of what these bonds have been based on. This can lead to insecurity as we feel that our foundation, once thought to be stable, becomes shaky. We may be drawn to move or relocate and completely change the way our “home” feels to reflect the internal transformation taking place.

Fifth House: The way in which we actualize our purpose in life will experience a deep internal revision and expansion. It may be that our creative outputs in the world need to be examined and reoriented, be them children or projects. We may find that our relationship to our children and our creativity requires a different approach that reflects our internal shift. We may feel limited and appear to not have control over our destinies. If this shows up, it’s time to examine our ideas around the need to be in complete charge of our lives. Detachment and objectivity are what’s on the other side of this polarity with Aquarius.

Sixth House: Our job function, our ethics, and our health will experience an intense inner combustion. The sixth/12th axis is the axis of healing and purification. It may show up in different types of crises aimed at cleansing and discriminating the way in which we provide service to others and self. Is it based on ethical order? What’s the actual truth of right work or right service?

Health issues that arise are pointing to an upgrade to our beliefs around self-care that include diet, exercise, relaxation, sleep, toxic people in our environment, etc. It could be a great time for cleansings of any kind while Jupiter transits your 6th house Scorpio since levels of toxicity (Pluto) are going to be magnified (Jupiter) in order to be released.

Avoid falling prey of victimization during this transit on the face of crises, instead try discriminating between wrong action from right action. Avoid self-avoidance during this transit, addictions can be a temptation to run to with the Pisces polarity.

Seventh House: The house of relationship to other, the outer side of Venus. Certain hidden truths about those whom we are in relationship could surface requiring that we transmute the way we relate to them. Jupiter will magnify those areas where we are limited in our ideas of what it means to relate from a place of balance and objectivity creating crises where we resist to move forward. Like all things Libra (this is the natural house of Libra), equality and harmony are of upmost importance here and at times we need to go through extremes before we get to the middle way. Our ideas around what it truly means to play as an equal will be tested. Are we listening and giving to others according to our reality or according to theirs? That is the objectivity Libra seeks.

Eight House: This is the natural Scorpio house so this is a double up of Jupiter in Scorpio. People with natal Jupiter in Scorpio are usually very intense, they have the ability to turn crises into opportunities in an alchemical manner. They are usually also very drawn to exposing the ugly truths that everybody else tries to ignore. If this is where you have Scorpio expect the most intense transformation in every sense of the way. It can show up in a myriad of ways yet the key here is to use the energy of whatever limitation or crises you are experiencing and transmute it into an opportunity for internal growth and expansion.

There may also be a natural attraction to explore taboos of all types. This is a great time to engage in tantric or sacred sexuality practices. Scorpio has a strong sexual magnetism, Jupiter will magnify it, and if not channeled properly, it can lead to using sex to control and have power over others.

Ninth House:  This is the natural house that Jupiter rules. The foundation of our belief systems will demand to be deeply examined. There may be a sudden need for more freedom to explore the meaning of life in general. This can manifest in a desire to travel to far away horizons, or deep into our own psyches, or to explore different spiritual practices, and/or bodies of knowledge that will forever change the way in which we interphase with our immediate reality. It may feel that the way in which we were approaching life has reached a point where we there’s no more juice left (the plutonic limitation).

Tenth House: This house rules our role in the world, how we decide to show up and participate in the big act of life. We usually associate this with career but it extends far beyond that narrow concept. There could be a sudden loss (Pluto) of status or position (10th house) leading to a complete reorientation of our values around our role in the world. It could also be that we start feeling that the way in which we are actively participating in the world has run its course. The key during this transit is self-reflection in order to find out what needs to change inside so our external reality can match it. One of the reactions could be depression, if this occurs due to external loss or internal loss of interest, the prescription, is to deeply reflect on what needs to be adjusted inside of us.

Eleventh House:  This could manifest as emotional trauma or shock that appears in order to help you throw off outdated psychological dynamics and/or associations.

You may experience a deep desire to upgrade your lifestyle which will inevitably impact who you choose to spend your time with, this is why this is also known as the house of friends. Uranus rules this house and Uranus demands nothing less than complete revolution. This can feel a bit threatening to those who have a deeper need for consistency and less to those more apt to reinvent themselves.

Twelfth House: This is where Scorpio falls for me… This is the polarity of the 6th house so here again we are facing the healing/purification, saint/sinner, victim/aggressor axis.

Being ruled by Neptune we can have different expressions that go from deep spiritual transformation to deception and illusion. Pay attention to anything you may be projecting ultimate meaning on around this transit, as it may result in not being exactly what it first appeared to be. The lesson here is around our ideas on what ultimate meaning truly is. Nothing here on Earth, be it a relationship, a career, a spiritual practice, etc. has the potential to ever completely fulfill us, this can only be found within source.

 There may be things that escape our control during this transit which will require our complete surrender and trusting of the process.

It’s a good time to have extra protection around our spiritual journeys, the potential for deception is high but so is the potential for true metamorphosis beyond the physical realm.

Blessings and Happy Journey!!

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