The lovers finally meet, the fireworks begin. After a long dance in the sky where it looked like they were going to consummate their love in the spring, Venus dropped away from the sky and out of her lover’s arms.


She rose as a morning star renewed and ready to bring her light to all of those who heed the teachings of love. Love, not as romantic or sexual love, but love in the truest sense of the word.

Love is something our world is lacking so much, we seem so confused about its meaning. We attach strings to love, we make it conditional, we frame and try to squeeze it into impossible receptacles of mind-generated concepts where love could never fit.

We approach it from our egos and what was once a hint of love turns into a battlefield….

How often we confuse love with desire?

Desire is the realm of Mars. The force that pushes us forward into the world and into yet another lifetime

Desire is pointed somewhere, love permeates the entire universe. Desire gives us the fuel to build or destroy depending on how we decide to use it. 

The true concept of love, so elusive to us earthlings, extends far beyond the happy ending movies, the fairytales, the songs, the poetry of the lovers… Love sustains and allows without condition, expectation, or demand. Love is what makes the Sun shine and the flowers grow, is the helping hand of a stranger in the middle of the street, it’s the devotion of prayer. Love is what’s left when the excitement of novelty has worn off. Love is the container.

When they both meet on October 5th our desires will unite with love, but if there’s no true love behind them we may find that they extinguish like a fire without oxygen instead of manifesting into reality… For Mars and Venus demand true love to consummate their union.


Blessings and Happy Journey!!

Art by Irina Karkabi

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