Aries Full Moon
Activate the warrior within so we can co-create peace 
Our individual urge to separate, differentiate, and assert comes under the light of the Arian full moon while the Sun in Libra reminds us that we can only truly change the course when we join our forces together. 
Aries activates the fire that is quick to take up the sword for a cause or a challenge. With so much to fix in our world, this raw masculine energy is ready to jump on it rather impulsively. 
It's not about win-loose situations. It's about realizing that only when we all win, we will truly all truly win and find peace in the world.
Aries separates and individuates, Libra unites, Aries is about the self, Libra about the other, Aries seeks freedom, Libra cooperation and balance. They are both flip sides of the same coin.
The full moon in Aries illuminates fiercely the Libra necessity for cooperation, objective listening, and unity in diversity that our world so desperately needs. 
Mars and Venus both rulers of Aries and a Libra respectively are united in Virgo during this full moon emphasizing the need for the masculine and feminine principle to unite if we are to find a way out of the disarray we find ourselves in.
So as you go to "battle" with others pause for moment and wonder where the middle ground can be found... There's a moment to assert and a moment to withdraw. 
The fierce Arian full moon can be channeled to fuel our projects and move forward. Projects that speak of service towards healing the collective wounds we have been exposed to lately are favored by the priestess (Virgo).... Dressed in her harvest gown she presides the sacred marriage of the goddess and the warrior while Moon closes the ceremony with a tempestuous prayer.
May you be guided towards the middle in every endeavor my friends, the way of the Buddha, the "mesotes" that Aristotle spoke of as the definition of perfection. 
Blessings and Happy Journey!
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