Full Moon in Taurus November 4th, 2017

12 degrees Taurus


The transformational axis gets activated with the full moon in Taurus. 

The moon in Taurus seeks out security and stability while the Sun in Scorpio, on the other side, knows that change and impermanence are the only constants in the universe. 

Taurus is completely at peace being alone while Scorpio seeks to merge with others in order to deepen its self-knowledge.

How can we deeply transform out of outmoded pattern and still feel that we have a solid ground to stand upon while doing this? 

This is exactly what this full moon will activate. 

Our survival will be triggered as we are asked to truly consider the inner motivations of our pursuits.  Are we seeking material things, relationships, sex, jobs, careers, roles, and situations in order to feel secured and/or attain personal gain alone?

What do we truly value and why? Could it be, perhaps, that what we value is deep down attached to our own need for survival? 

Taurus can get very caught up in the material plane and the full moon will illuminate all of those areas where we have become stagnant and in need of deep transformation (Scorpio).

The full moon will be squaring the nodal axis in Leo/Aquarius. When the moon squares its own nodes we say that this is an evolutionary gate. 

A gate that leads where exactly? A gate towards liberation, the liberation of past conditionings (Aquarius) that are keeping us from fully stepping into our unique purpose (Leo).

If we are able to hold space for all of those material attachments that could come out during the full moon and breath through them... She may illuminate the path to transforming out of them, so we can fly over our own ashes renewed into a more authentic version of ourselves. 

Nothing is permanent, the moment we try to hold onto to something we will suffer... This is a hard lesson for this Taurus/Scorpio axis and for us earthlings. 

Venus, the ruler of this full moon, will be opposing Uranus. The shocker may spice things up with a good dose of unpredictability. This can exacerbate the moon in Taurus and or own need to have control over outcomes. 

The Moon is exulted in Taurus so this is a good time to tend to the senses and nourish ourselves with delicious food, pleasing art and environments, soft fabrics, and any activity that gets us fully into our bodies. This can help ease off the stress caused by potential triggers.

The biggest lessons of this axis are: the ability to maintain a healthy self-reliance without isolating ourselves from others; to feel safe in the world without having to control people/situations; the capacity to sustain ourselves in the material plane without forgetting that there’s so much more than that to ourselves; the capacity to create something solid while remaining completely open to it changing form at any time; and the delicate dance between feeding our sensual pleasures and our inner psyche.

Blessings and Happy Journey!!! 

Art by Daniel Eskrigde


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