New Moon in Scorpio

26 degrees Scorpio

November 18th, 5:21 AM (MNT)

The alchemical cauldron


Scorpio season continues strong, pushing the envelope when it comes to exposing the shadow aspects of our psyches. This can be overwhelming as the systemic sexual abuse continues to erupt, we can all feel the wounding of the feminine that has gone on for too long.

 The Moon and Sun will unite in sacred marriage in the sign traditionally known for the house of sexual union. The moon in Scorpio takes very deep undertones that demand nothing but to go to the bottom of things. This peeling of the layers and constant search to understand the why of our traumas or patterns can leave us even more damaged at the end, unless we are able to integrate and transform these energies.

 The dark goddess associated to the new moon and to the sign of Scorpio is one of the least understood aspects of our mother moon. She is dissolving into the darkness, dying so it can emerge anew again. We humans, have lost our relationship to this aspect of life, and cringe at the mention at the thought of any of these processes that we cannot ultimately escape from. Death, endings, darkness, night, and so on - all take on a heavy stigma to be avoided. In this avoidance, we lose a piece of our souls and push these aspects into the depths of our psyches where they still reside distorted and angry.

 The new moon in Scorpio presents a great opportunity to reconnect to the renewing aspect of the feminine. The word composting evokes the perfect image to this New Moon. Composting involves putting waste away into a dark warm container that will decompose it to eventually turn it into more fertile soil that can bring new life. This is exactly the quality of the new moon in Scorpio. It is the dark moist womb out of which life emerges. 

This is a principle, we as a species, have lost touch with. When we only focus on the masculine aspect of life, we create a non-sustainable world where anything is justified in the name of profit, doing, and achieving. We pillage and abuse Mother Earth without allowing her any time for recovering her vital force. We push ourselves to exhaustion to produce in an accelerated world to the expense of our relationships and the juiciness of life itself.

 This moon offers an opportunity to connect with these aspects of the cycles of life and death. It is also a great moment to participate in rituals of renewal. We can think of anything in our lives we are ready to transform and throw it into the black moon womb for it to be composted so something new and richer can come out of it. It’s a great time to journal and asks ourselves which part of the dark goddess archetype are we the most disconnected from. 

 The sacred union of Moon and Sun in Scorpio is being mirrored by the Pluto-Juno conjunction in Capricorn. Pluto the god of the underworld is joined with asteroid Juno, the goddess of marriage. We can connect to this cosmos union to reflect upon the balance of these two principles and how the lack of it has caused the turmoil and chaos that we’ve been living under.

 As the moon squares the nodal axis we can further this recycling process by tending to old trauma (south node in Aquarius) and placing it into the heart space of mother moon’s womb (north node in Leo). This can alchemically transmute the murky energies into the gold of ascension.  Rituals that recreate the letting go and embracing of the unknown new can be very helpful at this time. Plant medicine, breath work, death and rebirth rituals, or any type of practice that will connect us with this process in a helthy way. This moon invites us to recover every aspect of our humanty.

Blessings and Happy Journey!!!

Art by Deviant Art.


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