Full moon in Gemini
11 degrees Gemini
December 3rd  8:48 (MNT)




It was very hard to write this full moon report. Guidance seems to come in confusing spurs of blurred information mixed up with dream visions as the moon squares Neptune in Pisces.

The twins of Gemini represent the duality consciousness we are tied to here on Earth. It’s the principle of the rational mind that classifies everything into this or that, cold or hot, black or white, good and evil, and so on... Gemini full moons usually bring up very playful and curious energy, but in this situation the configuration of the sky is such that it takes a more serious and fuzzy tone.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini just stationed to go retrograde on the galactic center next to disciplined Saturn. Neptune in Pisces is squaring the moon reminding us that the rational mind can only go so far. There’s an entire universal consciousness that cannot be classified, qualified, put into boxes, or even accessed from the limitations of our deterministic mind.

Mercury is about to turn inwardly focused to get a download from the magical area of our galaxy that we don’t yet fully understand.

The galactic center is the black hole in the center of our galaxy. It emits a sound vibration that was recently captured by our measuring instruments. 

This is the place where stars die and are born located at the last degrees of Sagittarius. It’s the vagina/womb of the Milky Way according to the Mayans. 

This configuration seems to be pointing to those areas where we have become limited in our thinking and structuring of reality. 

The new moon in Scorpio, if worked with consciously, was the cauldron where we threw in those patterns we desire to alchemically transform. The culminating full moon in Gemini is now shedding light on the mental structures that are keeping those patterns in place. 

The tricky part is that square from Neptune that’s pushing us to realize that the lines of reality are a lot more blurred than we initially perceived. Working with this energy can bring up a lot of fear if we get stuck into black and white versions of reality.  We need to allow the ambiguity of life to be the space in which the new updated consciousness can flourish. 

We have been extremely exposed to this ambiguity lately in our governments. Trying to figure out how the future will unfold is now more than ever a blockage on our path to freedom.  The freedom the Sagittarius sun is pointing towards, it’s a freedom from our own limited mental structures. It’s a freedom that demands responsibility and integrity in order to be sustainable.

This is the last full moon before Saturn enters its own sign of rulership on December 19th-20th, depending on what part of Earth we live. The themes of creating from a place of integrity and responsibility will be central for humanity for the next 3 years. We will see the lord of karma bring about that which we have sown, for better or worse. Anything that was created on shaky ground will collapse as Saturn amps the energetic vibration of earth’s structure of consciousness.

During this confusing time, it’s important to tune in and create space for connecting to the truth within. The mind cannot bring us the clarity at this moment. The rhetoric has been highly misused to serve the good of just a few. We can’t trust our governments, our leaders, or our institutions. It’s time to turn to the universal truth we all carry within so we can restructure the way we do life.

The confusion and cacophony of voices this full moon highlights are a reminder to leave the mind on the backseat for a while and tune into our hearts. Our hearts will not lead us astray. 


Blessings and Happy Journey!!!

Art by John Jude Palencar






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