Full Moon in Cancer
January 1st 7:23 PM (MNT)
11 degrees of Cancer 

Full moons in cancer are usually very soft and tender but it seems that nothing will be devoid of intensity in 2018. The full moon is opposing the conversation that’s taking place in Capricorn between Pluto, the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and black moon Lilith.

So, what’s the meaning of all this?     

I just came across a brilliant article by psychologists about the mother-wound in boys being the missing link in understanding men’s misogyny, (reference link at the bottom), and it felt extremely appropriate for this lunation.
Capricorn-cancer is the father-mother axis, the patriarchy-matriarchy axis, so if feel very appropriate that we will be having these types of conversations for a while.
This is the first full moon of 2018 and it’s loaded with gender issues setting the tone for what needs to be revised and healed within the collective and the individual psyche.
With Saturn freshly in Capricorn, we have a few years ahead of us with the task of reviewing and de-conditioning from what we have accepted as reality (see podcast on Saturn on Sound Cloud for more information).
Black moon Lilith, the fierce feminine, is right there in Capricorn making sure that no issues around her oppression go unnoticed. 

This moon will be tense with issues around balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine.  We’ve done the masculine without restraint and at the expense of the feminine for the past 6000 years. The wheels of time turn, the feminine descends back to the Earth to claim her spot and it ignites those areas of our psyche that have been deeply wounded by its suppression creating a lot of inner crises and external confrontation. 

We may project this freak out onto others and get projected on as well. It’s difficult to navigate so many emotions for a race that has been avoiding to look at them for so long but our appointment with destiny cannot be skipped.
Luna in cancer illuminates the need for nurturance and deep connection we all carry within us but this is in opposition to the demands of current societal norms. 

It’s important to create a sacred space to nurture ourselves and allow free rein to our emotions through whichever vehicle feels best to us, so we don’t continue to throw it at others creating a bigger mess.
In order to be healed, our wounds need to be acknowledged, expressed, and held without judgment. Easier said than done, right? 

Shame around our suppressed emotions can also surface during this lunation. Shame requires deep self-love and acceptance in order to be transmuted.
What if what we believed and felt to be shameful about us was just the product of social conditioning without true basis? Could we forgive ourselves and find that inner connection to our truth once again? 

The moon trines Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio making it easier to become conscious of our wounds around sexuality and power. They point to those areas where we have been cut off from ourselves, left feeling disconnected and alone, all things the Moon in cancer is trying to restore.
Both these planets are also squaring the lunar nodes which can push us into anger, defensiveness, and an exaggerated need to either defend our authentic selves (North node in Leo) or completely dissociate in order to avoid conflict (South Node in Aquarius). 

I will be flying into my home country the day of the full moon. This is very significate for my personal story, Cancer being the sign of home and roots.
I’m deeply happy to go back to my home of origin and fill up with the sweetness that the cocoon of family can provide. I’m also aware that I will tap into the dynamics that originate from the womb and permeate my adult life. These two things are inevitable when around family.
I will have to navigate the unconscious criticism that can come from family members around my lifestyle and choices... all things most of us can relate to. So, there’s this internal conflict of desiring that type of connection with them while knowing that it will trigger me at the same time.
I think this captures the essence of our first full moon of the year.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree in cancer is: “A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher”
So, the theme of revelation by looking beyond the outer appearances and our conditioned beliefs is what this degree embodies.
The axis cancer-Capricorn deals with our deepest needs around security which can obscure the true nature of things and people.
Are we willing to look beyond our wounds, our conditioning, our fears of feeling rejected, our conditioned beliefs in order to bring forth true connection? 

There’s a lack of emphasis on the air signs during this time which can push us even further into acting out our emotions without reason. Creating a safe container for ourselves is of upmost importance at the moment. 

Blessings and Happy Journey!!!
Art Credit: Chani Nicolas


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