Full Moon in Virgo
March 1sr/2nd
11º 23’’

Moon is rising bright in the sky after being eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow on February 15th.
This moon is being specially challenging for me, I have Virgo in the 10th house of career and I’m experiencing a lot of Virgo crises at work.

Moon in Virgo can definitely bring crises to the forefront giving us an opportunity to correct and adjust within those areas we are experiencing the crises. Virgo seeks out purity and in this eternal search it will purge out everything necessary in order to attain it.

Wherever you may be experiencing crises is where healing, purification, and letting go need to occur. It may be a relationship that has already run its course, a job that no longer fits us, a behavior or habit that’s doing us a disservice, the stories we keep telling ourselves. 

Virgo demands that we use discrimination and a practical approach to the process of eliminating that which serves us from that which doesn’t anymore. 

The tendency can be to fall into victimhood around the conflict in our lives so stay grounded on Mother Earth, go for a walk in nature, connect with the pure love of your pets if you have any, and try looking at the bigger picture. All is well in the long run, we never lose anything that we really needed. 

With so many planets in Pisces we can feel taken by a wave of emotions that are hard to control and even harder to make sense of. This is something that freaks out practical Virgo. 

It’s of special mention the Sabian Symbol associated with the degree of the full moon.
Virgo 11º 23”: “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride”
This refers to the veil of illusion that may be lifted for us in regard of certain people or situations that we weren’t seeing clearly. This in itself can create pain and discomfort.
Coming from a Virgo/Pisces nodal axis myself this whole discerning delusion from truth has been a long-life lesson. Disillusionment comes as an ice-cold bucket of water that drops on your face out of nowhere but it’s also extremely liberating, it leaves more room to fully embody ourselves in our truth.

We are at the culmination of an Aquarius moon cycle because the new moon, the inception point, took place in that sign by the south node. The collective or individual trauma (Aquarius south node new moon) that was activated during the eclipse will be illuminated by the full moon.
This is an opportunity for us to respond to this old staff in a different way that reflects wholeness. This is how evolution happens. We have to be faced with old tales and be able to tell a different story. Nobody can do it for us.
And if we can’t, if it is just too much to ask, we need to forgive ourselves, get up, and try again. Falling into guilt over our perceived failures doesn’t get us anywhere. When Virgo is active is important to remember that the value is in the effort, that gentleness and compassion with ourselves and others go a long way. We can learn to love the imperfections and find that they only seem that way when we don’t look through the right eyes. 

Blessings and Happy Journey!! 




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