Saturn goes retrograde... Saturn, the structure of our tangible reality, the archetype of the establishment, the patriarchy, our collective and individual status quo has been cruising its own sign of Capricorn since December 20th of last year.
Approaching its own death (Pluto), Saturn, has been showing us where the reality we thought to be solid is not so. We have responded to this by either resisting (Saturn) the obvious, by trying to do damage control (Saturn); or by surrendering (Neptune), escaping (Neptune); or by a combination of both. 

Today, as it goes retrograde, it gives us a breather, a sort of time in between to reflect upon what has been shown to us.
Which structures have been exposed that need to be reoriented, redone, or simply go undone?
They could be aspects of ourselves, patterns that have become crystallized and obsolete. They could be relationships or jobs.  It’s like an old piece of clothing (Saturn) that we have grown out of.
Saturn can be so misunderstood as the severe father that imposes limitations on us. However, if we choose to see it in a different light, he becomes the benevolent wise teacher that pushes us out of our cocoon when necessary and demands focused determined work in order for us to manifest in 3D reality
With this retrograde he will give us that time out to reflect deeply and integrate the lessons.  When it goes forward again in September, it will give us a second push. 

The best way to work with Saturn is by building a healthy relationship with our inner Saturn.
Do we have the patience and determination that it takes to sustain our creations?
Do we have the discipline to see things through but also the wisdom to know when not to keep going?
Do we have a healthy relationship with authority? What are our control mechanisms?
How do we deal with perceived “limitations”?
May this Saturn retrograde help you reflect deeply upon the nature of such things within yourself so you are ready to go onto the next level of evolution. 

Blessings and Happy Journey!!!
Art by Moira Blackheart 



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