That seems to be the theme for quite some time, I’m guessing all the way to 2020 and a bit beyond. Pluto went retrograde a few days ago seeking after Saturn to continue with the death and rebirth struggle.  Today Mars and Pluto join together while the Sun squares the nodal axis.

Mars and Pluto together can translate into the aggression any bio-organism feels at the onset of survival threat. These survival threats can be real, symbolic, or imaginary. The brain makes no distinction amongst them and the organism will react with a fight or flee mechanism. Pluto represents the force of death that leads to rebirth of the new.
Whether we find ourselves in the death or rebirth moment, these are crucial moments filled with magic and tension. The miracle of life takes a lot of energy to come through.
Tune into yourself and try to release any aggression in a safe environment where you are not projecting or taking it onto others.
This same energy can be harnessed to do the inner work that will lead to small deaths that can heal the schism between the human and the soul. Not a process for the faint of heart!!! 

The full moon taking place in Scorpio this Sunday only adds to the equation. Illuminating the areas that need renewal.
It’s as if everybody is present in the birthing room, there’s no going back anymore. We are either shifting or being shifted. We need to do this for the species to survive, is our evolutionary requirement. The new human being needs to be born, one that is united in mind and spirit, flesh and soul, connected with the cosmos it belongs to.

I, personally, find myself in the death part of that process. It can be quite overwhelming, and it wasn’t until I could correlate it with the sky energetics that I found some relief. Astrology can provide us with the context to understand situations, to have the bird’s view that allows us to watch our processes with objectivity. This, in my opinion, leads to less suffering. Understanding that we are all part of a bigger plan, that is not that personal can be truly cathartic and liberating. It doesn’t take away the difficulty of the process but it provides a sort of container. 

In the words of Plotinus:

The stars are like letters which inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky…. Everything in the world is full of signs…. All events are coordinated…. All things depend on each other; as has been said, “Everything breathes together.”

The full Moon and the Sun will form a grand cross with the nodal axis. This is a dynamic aspect to help us move along in alignment with the truth of our hearts. It’s a great time to work on releasing anything that’s keeping us from stepping into our uttermost authenticity, anything that keeps un not whole. Journaling, breath-work, and assisted psychotherapy, are just a few disciplines to dive into during these times. 

Blessings and Happy Journey!!!
Art by Hailey E. Herrera




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