Uranus, the big disruptor, the awakener, the electric bolt of genius, the breakthrough that comes from outside our field but also from within goes into Taurus on May 15th. 

It’s hard to make assumptions about Uranus, he’s quite unpredictable. We can entertain some energetic patterns that could surface with this transit but nothing is set in stone, especially when it comes to Uranus. 

Let’s look at some historical events associated with Uranus in Taurus.
The last time Uranus went through Taurus during the 20th century was during the big American depression which forever changed our financial institutions, brought in new regulations, and made presidents come up with creative ways to revitalize the country’s economy. Severe draughts hit the US adding to the stress.
At the same time fascist movements were being birthed across Europe which would end up leading to WWII. The fascist movements were trying to overthrow the status quo appealing to people’s feelings of having gotten the short end of the stick when European territories were divided after WWI.

Before that Uranus went into Taurus around 1851 during the peaking of the American Gold Rush that forever changed the landscape of the US. Thousands of people flooded the West with dreams of freedom and riches leading to socio-structural changes, the creation of California as a State, and the destruction of so many indigenous tribes. 

So, it seems that the general feeling of Uranus in Taurus is one that revolutionizes Taurean themes around survival and resources. In my opinion this will be even more tightly related to how we have been abusing Gaia in our modern times.

We could expect to see Mother Earth rebelling against the ongoing pillaging she’s endured with disruptive weather patterns and natural disasters in order to enforce us to come up with new ways to do things. This is where the ingenuity of Uranus can be extremely helpful, if we use it right, we can sure devise revolutionary new methods of agriculture and distributions of resources that are respectful and sustainable.

I get the feeling that the words sustainability and decentralization of money will take a more poignant tone in the collective rhetoric during Uranus in Taurus. As my good astrologer friend, Adam Sommer, points out, ideas like cryptocurrency and blockchain may become more popular to the point of completely changing the way we think about money. 

The way I personally learnt to make peace with Uranus, is by accepting that whatever we dare to imagine this transit will bring for us, whether we imagine doomsday or rosy visions, it will most likely be something completely different!!
We can use the energetic themes but never be too sure of what exactly they events will look like. 

Having said that, it is important to look where we have Taurus in our chart because that will be the area of our lives that will be undergoing changes and upgrades. If we can know this in advance we can work with the energy instead of against it. We can use the transit instead of it happening haphazardly to us. 

So, look at your chart, see where you have Taurus, look at what planets Uranus will be aspecting so you can be better prepared for a ride that promises to bring a lot of surprises!!!  If you’d like to explore that with me, contact me for a reading!! Uranus transit through Taurus will be more prominent in the charts of those people who have Uranus making angular aspects to natal Uranus, i.e., squares, oppositions, and conjunctions. 

Above all, stay present, practice embodiment, and pay attention to the sudden insights that seem disconnected at first but continue to repeat themselves, for they represent the new direction your life needs to take in that specific area. 

Blessings and Happy Journey!!!
Art by -Hob- Back to the Stones


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