Full Moon in Sagittarius


To be completely honest, I have been quite disconnected from the sky for a bit. We could say that I was connecting more with the sky within. Either way, it’s good to take a break from the way we usually do things, it moves the energy around and gets us out of the ruts we can fall in.
Speaking of ruts, a rut is probably one very unappealing aspect of reality for Sagittarius.
The moon will be in her fullness, like an expectant bride/Mother in the sign of the centaur this Tuesday May 29th.

It’s easy to fall in love with the Sagittarius’ energy at first. The exhilarating zest for life’s experiences and adventure, the unbending enthusiasm, the fiery optimism, the seeker of farther horizons whatever shape or form that takes.
Jupiter, Sagittarius ruler, is still traversing the deep waters of Scorpio reminding us that continuous expansion without deepening leads to scattering. Nobody has ever found THRUTH on the shallow waters and Scorpio’s drive runs deep, very deep.

Luna illuminates the centaur and gives us an opportunity to connect with its frequency. From the nomadic experience-junky to the shamanic vision quest seeker, and everything in between.
The highest expression for Sagittarius is the embodiment of the Daemon archetype where one and nature ceases to be separate, where one is internally led by natural law instead of man-made laws. Sagittarius feels itself out through nature in its path towards wholeness.
So Where in the spectrum is our resonance with Sagittarius? How does it show up in our lives? How do we breathe in its archetypal image? How conscious are we of its doings? Where do we need to look at the polarity of Gemini to inform us of the places where we have actually gotten stuck in our definition of freedom, in our seeking outside of ourselves for truth? And in our definition of reality itself. What is reality but the interphase of our ego mind with the environment and our agreements about this. 

The moon acts as the filter through which we can feel all this out. And it can feel really good after the heaviness we’ve been through. The centaur’s arrow points to the sky and to the future with a refreshing optimism. Swim in it but don’t forget to tread with consciousness. 

The full moon trines the north node adding supportive energy to the balancing act of “my authentic self-expression” versus “fitting in with the group” that we have been working out as a collective for a while now.  The grand trine in the fire signs gets completed with Chiron in Aries, another centaur!! This one more sober from having to have pulled himself from the boot straps through a rough path.
Chiron in Aries will not let go until our entire sense of self gets purified, distilled into pure gold through the alchemical process of shedding the layers of compromise and selling out that we’ve done throughout life. 

Blessings and Happy Journey!!
Photo credit: Bettina DuPont



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