The moon joins the sun in the the enthusiastic and visionary Sagittarius offsetting the stern, serious, stoic excess of Capricorn energy we have in the sky. 


If you can, go outside and look to the East. Venus is conjunct Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).


This is the black hole in the center of our galaxy that holds the magic of visions. The Mayans called it Hunab-Ku, the ultimate creator, the Mother Womb, the gateway to other galaxies, and the gateway through which souls come into incarnation. 


Meditate on it, pray to it, ask King Jupiter and Goddess Venus for visions, dreams, and guidance from this magical place in the sky.


New moon intentions:



  • To immerse yourself in a vision quest. Sagittarius is the ever expansive energy that leads us towards endless exploration
  • Find your personal truth ... as it sets out on adventures towards far horizons (external and internal), Sagittarius gains deeper understandings of reality through direct experience  .. the reality of everything in general and that of oneself in particular.. 


  • Connect to natural law This is Daemon Archetype (not demon;)) that teaches us about natural order as opposed to man made one. 


  • Part human, part centaur, Sagittarius reminds us to integrate both, the instinctual nature and the human that looks upwards to the sky.


  • Expand your horizons and synthesize what you learn into something you want to live by (your personal truth)


  • Sagittarius can bring on unrealistic optimism and restlessness. Remember to ground. Scattering is not the same as searching.


  • Sagittarius rules the legs (they take us into adventures) and the lungs through its Gemini polarity. 


  • On the shadow side: watch out for the tendency to convince and convert others. Sagittarius gets so excited about what it learns that it can fall for thinking that this is the totality of the truth as opposed to its own relative personal truth.


  • This together with Scorpio is the shaman that learns in its own skin about the relationship between everything within nature and the cosmos. Mitakuya Otasim 


  • Great time to set on a vision quest.. soon Jupiter will enter Capricorn adding to the coagulation process of energy but this month we still have some energy going outwards!!! 

Blessings on this beautiful new moon!! I love Sagittarius energy!!!


PhotoCredit-Matador Network 


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