On Mars Retrograde

Mars went retrograde in his own ruling sing of Aries last week on September 9th/10th.

Mars, the spark of desire that brings us to life, that drives us towards action, the energy that fuels our paths. The red fire in our bellies that speaks of passions of any kind. The word desire comes from the Latin “desidero”and the “de-sidus” or “from the stars”, pointing the connection of desire with something greater than ourselves and what our little egos seem to associate it with. 

Mars, the warrior, the protector, the principle of forward movement and anger is not very comfortable when retrograde. 

Action turned inward speaks of having to reconsider how we move in the world, what we move towards, of aligning such movement towards our higher purpose. Think we before you act is the motto as action inevitably creates karma for ourselves. Our instincts are strong with Mars in Aries. Our impulses are very alive. 

In his retrograde which will last until November 13th, it will square the triad in Capricorn of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. Jupiter will amplify the need to act, Saturn puts the uncomfortable break to such action calling for discipline and maturity. Pluto transforms and purify our desires calling us towards movement that promotes evolution. Evolution comes with a price. The price of sacrificing our lower motives in service of that which will take us into the next level. This can be frustrating as the lower self, clashes with the higher Self. It’s up to each one of us who wins. Remember that sometimes in order to win the war you must lose some battles.

Anger can continue to pent up within as we may feel limited and constrained. This is an opportunity to heal the masculine principle within. The true masculine is strong in his firmness in his knowledge of right action, to set appropriate boundaries when necessary, and to confront others when necessary. The concept of “necessary” here is not something that arises from the ego needing to assert dominance in order to feel safe, but from the need to maintain the higher order. The true masculine feels his power to create but is patient and listens to the feminine. She tells him how to bring such creation in alignment with the Earth and all the beings that inhabit it. 

So, as you feel the urges of anger, frustration and passion look within and ask the question. What is this in service of? Is this right timing? Is this serving my higher purpose? How can I channel this into right action?

Mars is beginning to be brighter and redder in the sky. Look up to him, pray to him, ask him to show you the true divine masculine in all of his splendor. 


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