Seedings withing the priestess womb are meant to unite body and spirit. From the fullness of Leo, we go into Virgo, where we purify ourselves, shed the excess, discern that which serves the higher human from that which doesn’t, get in touch with the humility of our predicament in human form as we move on our path towards wholeness. 

In Cancer the Moon is pregnant with the human child being born into the world, in Virgo, the Moon is pregnant with the divine child dwelling within each one of us. For this child to be born we need to sacrifice the ego to the Self. Once we do, we can offer meaningful service to others.

The Moon squares the nodes. Evolutionary astrologers speak of this as “skipped steps”, other traditions call it something else, regardless of how we refer to this event, they all concur that there’s something being called upon here to be transformed. 

This has to do with our world view and how it has conditioned our reality and our choices (south node in Sagittarius). How these “truths” have become the cross we carry and the box we have put ourselves in. The Gemini North whispers the new messages that could takes us into a new story, an expanded version of those “truths.”

 So have the eyes to see and ears to hear, plant in the practical Virgo Moon and watch it blossom. 

Art by Sue Halstenberg



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