The wheel of time keeps turning, everything in the universe is rhythmic. 

We are at another hinge point in the wheel that marks the interplay of light and darkness reminding us that duality is what we are here to master.

Every ancient culture has built structures to capture these hinge points. They were deeply connected with these rhythms and understood something we have long forgotten: that unless we synch with, and honor the cycles of renewal and transformation, we may get lost in a seemingly random universe. We will miss the point, the wisdom that’s being mirrored back to us by the cosmos. 

The Sun at 0 Libra squares the nodes. Libra teaches us about the balancing of the opposites. Will the scales tip in favor of the old stories that have become dogmatic or “law” or will they fall towards the uncertainty of questions for which we don’t have answers yet? 

A curious beginners mind approach is pointed by the south node in Gemini. New unseen solutions to old issues abound but we need to open up to seeing beyond our constructs, our proclaimed truths. 

The attitude of The Fool in the Tarot is called upon here. Youthfully embarking into the world in the quest of knowledge, fresh and unhinged by past conditioning.

Mars impetus will be at the center stage during this whole season tricking us out of the middle path. The Strength card is our counsel. She tames the beast of instinct and desire so the scales can favor love over hate, the spiritual over the material.

The middle path was never easy to walk but walk it we must. 


Picture - Autumnal Equinox at Casa Rin, Chaco Canyon, NM





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