Holotropic Breathwork

The Holotropic Breathwork modality was designed by pioneer psychiatrist Stan Grof in the 70’s in order to assist clients  through non-ordinary states of consciousness achieved via breath, music, and bodywork. The material that one can access during a breathwork experience can be biographical, perinatal or transpersonal. It is our own inner healer, with the help of trained facilitators, that will determine the quality of our experience and what it is we access in order to experience transformation. This is an amazing tool to access and unlock stuck trauma, to have an ecstatic experience of the transcendental or both. It can be used as therapeutic modality to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and/or as a tool for self-exploration. We all experience trauma of some sort as we go through life and holotropic breathwork can help integrate the fragmentation that takes places in our psyche due to traumatic experiences leading towards wholeness. The word “holotropic” come from the Greek (towards wholeness). It can also serve as a ways to initiate the dialogue between all the different aspects of self and psyche which brings richness and a vast well of resources to the individual.

Sessions can be held individually or through workshops of different lengths of duration. Contact me to discuss individual sessions and/or upcoming workshops in your area.




Intuitive Readings and Healings

Readings are provided over the phone, skype or locally in the Denver area.

During the session I will start by creating a protected and loving space for both to connect. I will address your specific questions and concerns by tuning into your energy/auric field and the information contained therein. My intention is to help you access different levels of understanding and insight to a particular life situation and weave it all together so there can be transformation or release. I will only be accessing your own information as if it were a computer file and then read it to you. I am not a channeler but I am able to connect to other levels of light beings or counsciousness, if the client is agreeable to it,  that may come up  during a particular session to provide relevant insight. 

Towards the last part of the session, if the person agrees, we can move onto to the part where we work wiht the energetic dynamics by removing blockages, cellular trauma, and other types of outmoded psychological patterns that are keeping you from moving forward in a desired way. This is done through a modality called energy deprogramming.



3 Sessions (20% discount)
USD 200 20% discount

Intuitive Readings and Energy Work
USD 95 per session

5 Sessions Package
USD 290 (30% discount)

Astrological Readings

Astrology was a science that used to be taught at the ancient universities togehter with many others until religious times took hold of the Earth and removed it as such. The word Astrology comes from the greek words of "Logos" and "Astros" which means the Language of Celestial Bodies. It is not a divinatory instrument but a cience that leads to a very intimate self-knowledge. It is a Science that studies time and cycles and as such it can point to which cycles are more or less conducive to experience certain things, only point never predict. It is this esoteric and occult aspect that has robbed astrology of its true meaning and application.

Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm that focuses on the evolutionary purpose of the soul throughout lifetimes. I specifically like it because it seeks to respond to the questions of why we are here, what our purpose for a particular lifetime is, why we seem to be stuck on certain patterns, etc. These are questions most of us have and can relate to. The astrological mandala or natal chart represents the imprint that a person chose to be born under. The chart doesn't determine the personality, it is the soul that chooses a particular moment to be born in, and the astrological mandala is nothing but a picture, a sanpshot, of such moment in the sky. This mandala is the map, never to be confused with the territory, but it does help in findind the route back to our original intentions. 

Through the interpretations of the astrological and psychological archetypes (psycho-spititual functions) shown in the chart, and their interactions with each other, EA is able to provide a very precise and intimate approach to these eternal questions and orient us towards the integration points of those of a more challenging nature. 

EA was founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green who lectured on the paradigm for many years around the world and consulted thousands of clients before retiring to a contemplative life.


We can look at the current transits and progressions and what they may mean for you in practical terms if you already had a chart reading with me!!

per session Session

USD 70


I look at the imprint of birth represented by the natal chart which correlates to the workings of the inner psyche of the soul, the lessons it is trying to integrate, the evolutionary intention that leads to the unique purpose we each have, the “blind spot” areas that can create stagnation and confusion, and the areas of integration so there can be resolution. The natal chart is only the map, not the territory, it is the person with her/his unique story that will illustrate how the patterns are showing up. This reading is one of the longests as we will dive deep into your own personal experience to bring about a framework for integration. It is through this integration, in my experience, that profound healing can occur. These readings are tailored to your own unique questions that can be around career, relationships, personal growth, health, or all of the above.

per session Session

USD 95


In this type of reading I will look at both charts individually and then together to see how they interact and overlap with each other. This can help uncover relationship dynamics, capitalize on the more positive patterns while learning tools on how to manage the challenging ones.

per session Session

USD 175




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